Smaracis eSports Team Vovalova

Uladzimir Taras

Gamertag: Vovalova
Age: 24
Position: Head of Marketing Russia

Story and Motivation: My whole life was a struggle. Since my birth, I have faced a lot of problems: living in poverty, smoking and also gang fighting in my hometown. This has shaped me. When I left my hometown in Belarus and came to Minsk, I started with school. My mother often beat me when she was not happy about my behaviour. After primary school, my parents got a job in Moscow. And suddenly, my life changed. Smoking wasn’t cool anymore and so I quit it with 12 and gave my best at school. Life was different, still poor, but better than in my hometown. At this age, we also made many trips to Italy. I felt like any other child, playing on the pc, playstation, soccer, and just having fun. When I was in final school year, I discovered the game dota 2 and immersed into the cybersports scene. I improved fast, achieving an mmr of 6.8k and becoming one of the best Belarus dota 2 player even before starting my studies. I started playing in big teams like Nemiga and competed in many tournaments achieving mostly places 1-3. During this time, I played a lot against players like romashka, fn, jackal, and fng. This made me believe that I could play on very high level in the professional scene. So, I played even more and I got into the top 100 and achieved 7.4k mmr during the next months. I also organized the biggest cups in Belarus. However, at the height of my success, my studies got worse and I had to stop playing dota and fix my problems first. But I was always sure that I will come back once. I said to myself: “ No matter what happens – I will find a way to keep playing dota”, because this light was shining inside me from the beginning. And when SMARACIS eSports appeared in my life, I got this incredible feeling. For the first time in my life, I was supported , because before that I had relied just on my inner power. And it was so awesome to find such a good people at SMARACIS eSports. So, right now, it is everything for me, it is why I wake up in the morning and why I look to the future. My biggest dream is to win the TI.