Smaracis eSports Team Gründer Thomas Weigelhofer

Thomas Weigelhofer

Gamertag: wizzard64
Age: 53
Position: Founder – CFO – Mid

Story and Motivation:
After my studies at the Vienna university of economics and business, I started my professional career in the finance department of an industry leading company as a junior controller. After some years,I was promoted to managing director (CFO) of a global acting software development company. In 2017, I decided to start my own business together with a business partner. And in January 2019, we founded our second company: the first professional eSports company of Austria, SMARACIS eSports. I am an expert for financial tasks and have a lot of experience in building up and leading a company.

I play a lot of different computer games, especially build-up strategy games.

During my whole live, I have started and created many new things.I have developed most of them successfully. eSports is one of those magic things that are completely new and breathtaking. The eSports market is still an unregulated market. Working in this new industry means that you have to find answers for many open issues. Answering them in an extremely booming market and building something new has a great appeal to me. You have to go new ways to develop your professional and personal potential.