Smaracis eSports Team Gründer Stefan Weigelhofer

Stefan Weigelhofer

Gamertag: ascernu
Age: 26
Position: Founder – CEO – Carry

Story and Motivation: Since my childhood, gaming and computers have fascinated me. I especially liked the combination of logic and fun. During school, I discovered the game Starcraft 2 and was immediately caught by it. At that time, it was the most fascinating, fast and complex game for me. I reached a good level quite fast. This encouraged me to play more and also to start playing in tournaments. I achieved quite decent results. Soon, I realized that playing was not enough for me, I wanted to be part of the eSports community. I joined a clan and even became a clanleader. In this function, I built up different gaming groups within the clan, I was responsible for sponsorships and organized tournaments. But after some time, I stopped being an active player and began to cast and analyze games and to coach players and later also casters. Some of the casters are still casting and a few of them are quite famous in the esports scene. In addition, I joined a streaming network. At that time, it was the biggest German streaming network. I even became an official ESL-Caster and casted big tournaments with a huge audience. The older I got, the more I lost the fun in Starcraft 2 and the clanlife. So I switched to Dota 2 and I soon got into the leaderboard again. After a 1-year break to focus on my studies, I started playing again. But this time, I wanted to develop something special. And so, after having founded my first company, I started a professional esports organisation together with two partners. Our vision is not only to become the organisation with the best teams, but also to bring eSports to a professional level. – I am convinced that our dream will come true.