Smaracis eSports Team Gründer Markus Jaksche

Markus Jaksche

Gamertag: to_skoteinos
Age: 57
Position: Founder – COO – Support

Story and Motivation: I was interested in computer games and played them on much larger machines than PCs at a time when PCs were by far not available on every desk. Having studied mathematics, I enjoy rules and their comprehensive interpretation in order to achieve a goal – a proof in maths or a win in a game. I went aware of eSports mainly by Stefan and Thomas. My motivation to participate in SMARACIS eSports is that I always look for exceptional projects and endeavours for which no blue-print exists. I did this in various industries and in different positions as subject matter expert (in IT, HR and Sales), as a project manager and in various management positions. SMARACIS eSports is definitely such a project without a blue-print to copy the business model from. At the intersection of a new form of sports – eSports –, that creates a completely new audience and the media business which undergoes big disruptive changes, a new ecosystem is developing that I want to contribute to shape together with the SMARACIS eSports team.