Team Dota2 from Smaracis eSport
Mikhail "Fezor" Sadriev


Fullname: Mikhail Sadriev
Gamertag: Fezor
Age: 22
Position: Support
Nationality: Russia

Story and Motivation: I used to play volleyball professionally and was the champion of St. Petersburg, but then I got seriously injured and was forbidden to play sports for 3 years. Because of this, I discovered eSports. For me, Smaracis eSports is an organization that supports me in doing what I really love. Thanks to Smaracis, I am happy for the first time in many years,  because I am being paid for doing what I love, which is playing dota full-time. My life has improved fundamentally. My biggest motivation is to win every possible tournament and become the best.

Denis "Stonebank" Korsh

Denis Korsh

Position: Carry

Roman "Rvze" Kirensky

Roman Kirensky

Position: Mid

Mikhail "Fezor" Sadriev

Vladislav Vasko

Position: Offlane

Kuanysch "Maestro" Askambaj

Kuanysch Askambaj

Position: Support

Mikhail "Fezor" Sadriev

Mikhail Sadriev

Position: Support