Smaracis eSports Team Artur

Artur Omelchenko

Gamertag: Danc1ngDragon
Position: Head of Social Media

Story and Motivation: My name is Artur, I am 23 years old. I was born in Norilsk, in north of Russia. There I lived until my 18th birthday. Then I moved to a city in the south of Russia, called Belgorod, to study at the University. I’m still living here. I finished my studies in 2019. My knowledge from university helps me a lot, especially, marketing, economics and elementary management.

As of my 2nd year of my education, I improved my skills in social media marketing (SMM) and together with my passion for Esports, my job became my hobby.

Besides smm, I did some time kick boxing and played also in a rock band. I am also big fan of MMA, cars and cybersport.

I think that working with SMARACIS eSports will give me the opportunity to develop myself to the next level. Also, I think that an organization needs a guy, who likes his job like his favorite hobby and who is passionate to achieve agreed goals.