Year 2020 Summary

Official Statistics 301 G : 185 W : 116 L : 61,4% WR Most Picked Heroes: Natures Prophet 49 Games Rubick 47 Games Timbersaw 46 Games Grimstroke 41 Games Earthshaker 40 Games Batrider 31 Games Oracle 29 Games Shadowfiend 29 Games Shadow Demon 29 Games Ursa 26 Games Year 2020 Summary Year 2020 was a…

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Smaracis eSports XoonioHelpar

Xoonio becomes new Main Sponsor

We are very happy to announce our new mainsponsor. From now on Xoonio – The First Product Messenger will help us on our way to become the best Dota 2 team. Xoonio allows tech experts to help others with technical challenges live via smartphone. This app offers a great video environment to visually explain solutions…

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New Player and Roster Changes

New Player and Roster Changes In the last months our team went threw a restructuring. Tixist our former manager was replaced by Voval0va who is making an outstanding job the last months. Our offlaner Airu was replaced by kur0patbI4 who is a really strong reinforcement. Our former pos 4 lefitan and the trial canditate failure…

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Victory of City Battles

Victory of City Battles We are very happy . Yesterday we won the City Battles of Russia. We are very proud of our team and with this energy we will go into the next quals. Threw the entire tournament we only lost 1 map. Hopefully we can keep this run going.   Good Job guys.…

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Valorant new game on the eSports horizon

Some weeks ago Riot Games published the Beta Version of the new game Valorant. Valorant should become the new eSports tactic shooter and replace CS-Go and Overwatch. We have the chance to play during the Beta.

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Cheaters got banned!!!

Our former player Kirill “Lirik” Nikolskii did a great job for the eSports Community. After really strange games of the Shavana Tarelke Team in Epic Origins League, he looked over alot of replays and found the use of cheat software.

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Smaracis eSports Sponsor IT Community Styria

New Sponsoringcooperation

The year 2020 started with good news for our Team. We are happy to announce IT Community Styria (ITCS) as a new Sponsor of SMARACIS eSports.

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Winner of WCAA

Great News: 3 of our players went to china and won there the WCAA (World Cyber Athletic Arena) and got a pricemoney of 150.000 Yuan. We are very proud of you.

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Top 11 most popular Team on Dotabuff

Great news! Our Dota 2 team is on place 11 in the ranking of the worldwide most popular Dota 2 teams. Dotabuff ranked our team even before teams like Fnatic, Team Spirit or iG.Vitality. This is a great honor for us. We are really proud of our team.

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Smaracis eSports Team Artur

New Head of social media and community management

We are happy to announce that we have strengthened our team. Artur (Danc1ngDragon) Omelchenko is our new head of social media and community management. His experience in social media and his degree of networking within the eSports community will help us to professionalize our social media appearance.

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Achievements 2019

The year 2019 was a year with a lot of ups and downs. At the end of the year we managed to take top positions in notable tournaments. We want to give you a short overview. In the last tournament of the year (Parimatch New Year Opening) we managed to achieve the 2nd place. We were only beaten by the team of Funn1k, the former Navi Player.

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