Emotions and Passion: Be part of your eSports organization

At the beginning was passion and emotion, friendly ties with former clan members and the desire to positively influence the rapid development of esports.

At the beginning was passion and emotion, friendly ties with former clan members and the desire to positively influence the rapid development of esports.

In 2018 Stefan Weigelhofer came up with the idea to found a new esports organization. An esports organization based on the values of fair conditions for the players and the goal to help that eSports develops in a good way.

In 2019 Stefan Weigelhofer, Thomas Weigelhofer and Markus Jaksche finally founded SMARACIS eSports. The roles were quickly distributed. Stefan as a former clan leader, caster and streamer, himself very well connected in the esports community, is the CEO. Thomas, former CFO of an IT company took over the CFO role again and Markus, as a very experienced project leader and manager of various departments, became the COO.

It was started with a Dota 2 team, which consisted of hopeful, young Russian players. During a visit to Vienna, an image film was also shot with them.

Soon the first successes were achieved. For example, our team won the Epulze Monthly Cup in July 2019 or became third in the Mango Tango League, just to list a few. In Liquipedia we are already listed as a notable team.

Also, with UniCredit Bank Austria and SMARACIS GmbH two sponsors could be won.

In 2020, the Dota 2 roster was adjusted a few times to take into account the new developments in Dota 2.

For example, the Battle of Cities was won. SMARACIS eSports is often requested as a scrims partner, even for teams that were already at the International. Also, some of our players represented Politechnic University at the World Cyber Athletics Arena in Dalian, China.

A Head of Social Media was hired to drive the development of the social media channels.

In the meantime, our organization already has a good reputation in the eSports community, especially in the CIS region. We are considered trustworthy and to be a challenger of the well-known esports organizations. This also leads to the fact that we get more and more requests from whole teams or individual players who want to play for us.

The sponsor contracts with UniCredit Bank Austria and SMARACIS GmbH could be extended for another year. Also with Xoonio another sponsor could be won.

In addition, a cooperation with the Swedish company YLDR started to enable our fans to buy SMARACIS eSports merchandise.

In Austria, our CEO is invited to the Belinked Congress. Esports has arrived.

In 2021, new games were added to the organization. A team was hired to play Valorant and a team was hired to play Rocket League. One Valorant team player decided to leave Virtus Pro and to join us because he thinks that we have the better team. Nice! And all member of the Rocket League roster have an own Wikipedia page. Wow!

Also we instantly became a notable Team in Rocket League on Liquipedia.

A media cooperation with Meta Cybersports was started.

And our CEO is invited again to the Belinked Congress, where he is a sought-after interlocutor. Esports is no longer a fringe phenomenon.

In Dota 2, the 2nd place in Russian Esports Championship was achieved. This was a big tournament with an amazing Audience. But not the only success we achieved this year.

In Rocket League we won the Pavaga RL Exploration Cup.

In Valorant we won the Open Qualifaction of the Valorant Champions Tour. For the Closed Qualifier we were invited and finally finished third, making us the 10th best Valorant team in the CIS region. During the whole Qualification our Team was visiting a Bootcamp, specially planned for the perfect trainings progress.

In the fall of 2021, a female team was recruited to SMARACIS eSports for the first time. The female roster plays the game Valorant. The players were the most successful women’s team in the CIS region in the game CSGO just a year ago. This makes us expect a lot. Also, we are very happy that we finally found a good women’s team.

Our 1st Team

Our 1st Team is a Dota 2 Team. We have an outstanding team. Four players have already been appointed as grandmaster of eSports in Russia. All players were personally selected by our CEO on the basis of a self-developed criteria catalogue. We are lucky that we have these players on board. Everyone has what it needs to become one of the best players of the world. A player whose name will be known in years to come.

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