What comes to your mind when you hear eSports?

Passion, competition, emotions, dreams, the will to win, challenge, friendship, and team work? Then you feel the same as we feel: eSports is awesome!

SMARACIS eSports was founded in 2019 and has its headquarters in Austria. Our claim is to be a European organization with the best international players in different games.

Our vision is to establish a long-lasting organization based on our six key principles:

  • We have an International focus: we choose our team members based on objective criteria. We don’t care about the nationality, religion or gender of our team members.
  • We are competitive: our goal is to establish our organization as one of the best European teams.
  • We keep up fairness: we will treat our team members in a fair and transparent way and work together for the benefit of all members of the organization.
  • We focus on development: we help our team members in multiple ways to enlarge their knowledge in different topics like languages, healthy nutrition or to support the further personal development.
  • Our organization is an enabler for the members of the organization: we create the necessary infrastructure and training possibilities for our teams.
  • We care for professionalism: The basis of our endeavor is professionalism. On this basis we can ensure the positive impact for our sponsors and partners.

To be successful a pro-gamer must have fast reflexes and a lot of persistence.

Additionally, he must be team-minded and in good physical condition. eSports on a professional level requires a focused attitude and behavior. These skills and characteristics of a pro-gamer are the prerequisites for a potential winner team. Our team members have been selected and will be selected considering those elements.

Our first team is a Dota 2 team. Dota 2 is one of the most played games in the world.



The founders are enthusiastic eSports players. In addition, the founders had top management positions in different international companies.

Support Team

Smaracis eSports Team Vovalova

Head of Marketing Russia

Head of Social Media

Valorant Team Coach

Valorant Team Manager

Rocket League Team Manager